☰ Indian History (All India GK) - MCQs

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Which of the following was an associate State of India before becoming a full fledged State ?

  • A. Mizoram
  • B. Meghalaya
  • C. Manipur
  • D. Sikkim

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Which of the following leaders was not involved with the emergence of Trade Union Movements ?

  • A. Lala Lajpat Rai
  • B. B.P. Wadia
  • C. M.A Jinnah
  • D. N. M. Joshi

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Which militant Nationalist killed the ' Rand' ?

  • A. Damodar chapikar
  • B. Barindra Kumar Ghosh
  • C. Jatindranath Banerjee
  • D. Prafulla Chaki

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What lead to the Maratha empire becoming a confederacy of feudal chiefs ?

  • A. The rise of the Peshwas
  • B. Sambhaji's weaknesses
  • C. Ambition of the old Sardars like Angrias and Bhonsles
  • D. None of these

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The Chola empire came to be extinguished finally with the invasion of

  • A. Alauddin Khalji
  • B. Muhammad bin Tughlaq
  • C. Balban
  • D. Firoz shah Tughlaq

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Al- Beruni came to India in

  • A. 9th century AD
  • B. 10th century AD
  • C. 11th century AD
  • D. 12 th century AD

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