☰ miscellaneous (All India GK) - MCQs

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Which Indian Personality has recently appointed goodwill ambassador for Nepal tourism ?

  • A. Jaya Prada
  • B. Akshay Kumar
  • C. Naseeruddin Shah
  • D. Raveena Tandon

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Which State has recently celebrate the kati Bihu Festival 2018 ?

  • A. Meghalaya
  • B. Assam
  • C. West Bengal
  • D. Jharkhand

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The percentage of agriculture land is very high in all the following States except

  • A. Punjab
  • B. Haryana
  • C. Uttar Pradesh
  • D. Sikkim

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Which State in India is estimated to have the largest coal reserves in India?

  • A. Bihar
  • B. Jharkhand
  • C. Madhya Pradesh
  • D. Odisha

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Which of the following States has the literacy rate lower than the national average ?

  • A. Karnataka
  • B. West Bengal
  • C. Andhra Pradesh
  • D. Maharashtra

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The wage policy in India is based on

  • A. productivity
  • B. standard of living
  • C. cost of living
  • D. None of these

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