☰ Concrete Structure (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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For a reinforced concrete sections,the shape of shear stress diagram is :

  • A. wholly parabolic
  • B. wholly rectangular
  • C. parabolic above neutral axis and rectangualr below neutral axis
  • D. rectangular above neutral axis and parabolic below neutral axis

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Minimum pitch of transverse reinforcement in a column is :

  • A. the least lateral dimension of the member
  • B. sixteen times the smallest diameter of longitudinal reinforcement bar to be tied
  • C. forty-eight times the diameter of transverse reinforcement
  • D. lesser of the above three values

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Diagonal tension in beam :

  • A. in maximum at neutral
  • B. decreases below the neutral axis and increases above the neutral axis
  • C. increases below the neutral axis and decreases above the neutral axis
  • D. remain same

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If a beam fails in bond, then its bond strength can be increased most economically by :

  • A. increasing depth of beam
  • B. using thinner bars but more in number
  • C. using thicker bars but less in number
  • D. providing vertical stirrups

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As per the provisions of IS 456-2000, in the limit state method for, design of beams the limiting value of the depth of neutral axis in a reinforced concrete beam of effective depth 'd' is given us :

  • A. 0.53 d
  • B. 0.48 d
  • C. 0.46 d
  • D. any of the above depending on the different grades of the steel

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The effective length of a column in a reinforced concrete building frame, as per IS:456-2000, is independent of the :

  • A. frame type, i.e, braced (no sway )or un-braced (with sway)
  • B. span of the beam
  • C. height of the beam
  • D. loads acting on the frame

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