☰ Concrete Technology (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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An air entraining agent when added in concrete improves :

  • A. strength
  • B. workability
  • C. density
  • D. durability

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For making impermeable concrete, the process contains :

  • A. through mixing
  • B. proper compaction
  • C. proper curing
  • D. all of these

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Strength of concrete is directly proportional to :

  • A. cement water ratio
  • B. water cement ratio
  • C. sand cement ratio
  • D. water aggregate ratio

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After casting ,on ordinary cement concrete on drying :

  • A. shrinks
  • B. expands
  • C. remain unchanged
  • D. can expend or strink

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Strength of concrete increases with increases in :

  • A. water cement ratio
  • B. size of aggregate
  • C. aggregate cement ratio
  • D. moisture content

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Approximate ratio of strength of cement concrete at 3 months to that at 28 days of curing is :

  • A. 1.15
  • B. 1.30
  • C. 1.0
  • D. 0.75

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