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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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A laboratory model of a river is built to a geometric of 1: 100 The fluid used in the model is oil of mass density 900 kg/ m 3. The highest flood in the river is 10, 000 m 3/s The corresponding discharge in the model shall be :
  • A. 0. 095 m 3/s
  • B. 0. 100 m 3/s
  • C. 0. 105 m 3/s
  • D. 10. 5 m 3/s

Water is pumped from a well tapping an uncomfined aquifer at a certain discharge rate and the steady state drawdown (x) in an observation well is monitored subsequently, the pumping discharge is doubled and the steady state drawdown in the same observation well is found to be more than double (i e., more than 2x). This is proportionate drawdown is caused by :
  • A. well losses
  • B. decrease in the saturated thickness of the aquifer
  • C. nonlinear flow
  • D. delayed gravity yield

In a lined rectangular canal, the Froude number of incoming flow is 3. 0. A hydraulic jump forms when it' meets the pool of water The depth of flow after the jump formation is 1. 51 m. Froude number of flow after the hydraulic jump is :
  • A. 0. 30
  • B. 0. 71
  • C. 0. 41
  • D. none of these

In a constant head permeameter with cross section area of 10 cm 2, when the flow was taking place under a hydraulic gradient of 0.5, the amount of water collected in 60 second is 600 cc. The permeability of the soil is :
  • A. 0. 002 cm /s
  • B. 0. 02 cm /s
  • C. 0.2 cm /s
  • D. 2.0 cm /s

A river model is made to a length scale ration of 1/ 100 and depth scale ratio of 1/ 16. A peak discharge of 25, 600 m 3/s in the river will be simulated in the model with a discharge of :
  • A. 10 cumec .
  • B. 4 cumec.
  • C. 1.6 cumec.
  • D. 0. 64 cumec .

The head over a 90 o V- notch weir increases from , 0. 15 m to 0.3 m.the ratio of new discharge to the original discharge is, nearly equal to :
  • A. 5. 65
  • B. 1. 42
  • C. 4. 0
  • D. 2. 62