☰ Irrigation (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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If wind velocity at a height of 2 m above ground is 4.0 km per hour, then its value at a height of 10 m above ground can be expected to the about :

  • A. 5 km/h
  • B. 6.3 km/h
  • C. 4.29 km/h
  • D. 3 km/h

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For a distance of 100 cumec to flow at depth 5.0 m in a rectangular horizontal channel,the width as per Lacey's formulaae should be :

  • A. 375 m
  • B. 47.5 m
  • C. 10.0 m
  • D. 20.0 m

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A channel designed by Lacey's theory has a mean velocity 1m/s. If silt factor is unity, then hydraulic mean radius will be :

  • A. 1.5 m
  • B. 2.0 m
  • C. 2.5 m
  • D. 1.0 m

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A standard project flood is :

  • A. derived from probable maximum precipitation in the region
  • B. derived from severe most meterological conditions anywhere in the country
  • C. the flood with return period of 1000 years
  • D. same as the probable maximum flood

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A balancing reservoir :

  • A. balances peak and minimum flows
  • B. balances the distribution
  • C. balances flow rates of supply and demand
  • D. stores water for emergencies

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The mean annual runoff rate from a catchment area of 15.77 sq.km in 2 cumecs. The annual effective rainfall depth will be :

  • A. 200 cm
  • B. 300 cm
  • C. 400 cm
  • D. 500 cm

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