☰ Soil Mechanics and Foundation (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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A soil sample is heaving porosity 40% and degree of saturation 80%, then its percentage air voids is :

  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. 7
  • D. 8

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The correct increasing order of specific surface i.e.,surface area per mass of the given soils is :

  • A. silt,sand,colloids,clay
  • B. sand,silt,clay,colloids
  • C. sand,silt,colloids,clay
  • D. clay,silt,sand,colloid

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An undisturbed soil sample has a plastic limit 25%, a natural moisture content of 40% and a liquidity index of 50%. Its liquid limit is :

  • A. 50%
  • B. 55%
  • C. 65%
  • D. 75%

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If in a soil sample piping phenomenon occurs, what is the most prominent condition to be satisfied ?

  • A. Hydraulic gradient is close to unity
  • B. soil is fine grained
  • C. void ratio is more than 2.0
  • D. specific gravity of soil solids is more then2.8

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A soil simple has a shrinkage limit of 15% and specific gravity of soil solids 2.5. The porosity of the soil at shrinkage limit is :

  • A. 27%
  • B. 36%
  • C. 20%
  • D. 18%

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The correct order of capilliary rise in increasing order in different types of soil is:

  • A. fine sand, clay, silt, colloids
  • B. silt,fine sands, clay, colloids
  • C. fine sands, clay, colloids silt
  • D. fine sands, silt, clay, colloids

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