☰ Solid Waste and Waste Water Treatment (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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In which type of lakes, does a perfect ecological equilibrium among the producers, decomposers and consumer groups of organisms exist

  • A. Senescent lakes
  • B. Mesotrophic lakes
  • C. Oligotrophic lakes
  • D. Eutrophic lakes

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Which one the following units is employed for the removal of particulate matter above 50 n in size?

  • A. Gravity settling chamber
  • B. cyclone
  • C. Fabric filter
  • D. Electrostatic precipitator

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Which of the following terms, correctly describes 'Biomagnification' ?

  • A. Reproduction of micro-orgaanisms
  • B. Observation of micro-organisms under a microscope
  • C. Ability of micro-organisms to from zoogleal film
  • D. Concentration of toxic materials in the food chain

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Which one the following types of settling phenomenon can be analysed by the classic sedimentation laws of Newton and stokes ?

  • A. Discrete settling
  • B. Flocculent settling
  • C. Hindered settling
  • D. Compression settling

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Which of the following statements explains the term pyrolysis ?

  • A. solid waste is heated in closed containers in oxygen -free atmosphere
  • B. solid waste in incinerated in presence of oxygen
  • C. Dissolved solids from water are removed by glass distillation
  • D. Waste water is treated with oxygen

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The least expensive and most suitable excreta disposal unit for rural area would be the :

  • A. souk pit
  • B. pit privy
  • C. leaching cesspool
  • D. septic tank

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