☰ Steel Structure (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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For unstiffened flange og beam i flexural compression,maximum allowable outstand is equal to :

  • A. 20 t
  • B. 16 t
  • C. 32 t
  • D. 14 t

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The advantage of pin connections is /are :

  • A. moments at pin connection is zero
  • B. only one pin is used in a connection
  • C. secondary stresses do not occur
  • D. all of these

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For an I-beam the shape factor is 1.12 . Factor of safety in bending is 1.5 . If allowable stress is increased by 20% for wind and earthquake loads, then load factor is :

  • A. 1.10
  • B. 1.25
  • C. 1.35
  • D. 1.40

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High yield deformed bars have a :

  • A. definite yield value.
  • B. chemical composition different from mild steel
  • C. percentage elongation less then that of mild steel
  • D. percentage elongation more than that of mild steel

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If capacity of the electrically operated crane is 100 kN and weight of the crab is 25 kN, then lateral forces acting on the gantry girder will be :

  • A. 10 kN
  • B. 2.5 kN
  • C. 12.5 kN
  • D. 25 kN

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In a plate girder bridge of the unsupported depth of web is 800 mm, minimum thickness of web required only for vertical stiffer will be :

  • A. 4 mm
  • B. 5 mm
  • C. 3 mm
  • D. 6 mm

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