☰ Surveying (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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Angle of dip at pole is :

  • A. 0o
  • B. 90o
  • C. 45o
  • D. 30o

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A negative declination shows the magnetic meridian to the :

  • A. eastern side of the true meridian
  • B. western side of the true meridian
  • C. southern side of the true meridian
  • D. none of these

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In chain survey execution, this first step taken is :

  • A. Reference sketches
  • B. Marking stations
  • C. Running survey line
  • D. Reconnaissance

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The optical square is based on the principal of optical :

  • A. reflection
  • B. refraction
  • C. double reflection
  • D. double retraction

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In a closed traverse :

  • A. difference between fore bearing & back bearing should be 90o
  • B. sum of included angles should be (2N-4) right angle, where N is the number of sides
  • C. sum of inclined should be (2N-1) where N is number of sides
  • D. none of these

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