☰ Water Supply (Civil Engineering) - MCQs

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Standard EDTA ( Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid ) solution is used to determine :

  • A. hardness in water
  • B. turbidity in water
  • C. dissolved oxygen in water
  • D. residual chlorine in water

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The rate of filtration of pressure filters is :

  • A. less then that of show sand filters
  • B. in between the filtration rate of slow sand filters and rapid sand filters
  • C. greater than that of rapid sand filters
  • D. equal to that of slow sand filters

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The chlorine demand of a water sample was found to be 5.0 mg/lit. The amount of bleaching powder containing 30% available chlorine to be added to treat one liter of such a water sample is :

  • A. 1.67
  • B. 1.92
  • C. 1.01
  • D. 1.36

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A city supply of 16000 cubic meters of water per day treated with chlorine with dosage of 0.6 ppm. For this purpose, requirement of 30% bleching powder per day would be :

  • A. 32 kg
  • B. 16 kg
  • C. 18 kg
  • D. 22 kg

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The polluted water is one which :

  • A. contains pathogenic bacteria
  • B. consists of undesirable substances rendening if unfit for drinking and demestic use
  • C. is safe and suitable for drinking and demestic use
  • D. is contaminated

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If total hardness of water is greater than its total alkalinity, then carbonate hardness will be equal to :

  • A. total alkalinity
  • B. total hardness
  • C. total hardness- total alkalinity
  • D. non-carbonate hardness

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