☰ AC Basics and Networks (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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In a network containing resistance and reactance the roots of the characteristics equation give for the circuit

  • A. the forced responses
  • B. the total response
  • C. the natural response
  • D. the damped response

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In electrical circuits, transient currents are associated with

  • A. resistors
  • B. inductors
  • C. capacitors
  • D. both (b) and (c)

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There are no transients in pure resistance circuits because they

  • A. offer high resistance
  • B. obey ohm's law
  • C. have to stored energy
  • D. are linear circuits

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In RLC circuits, the current at resonance is

  • A. maximum in series RLC and minimum in parallel RLC circuit
  • B. maximum in parallel circuit and maximum in series circuit
  • C. maximum in both circuits
  • D. minimum in both circuits

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At a frequency more than the resonant frequency

  • A. both of the series and parallel circuit are capacitive
  • B. both of the series and parallel circuit are inductive
  • C. series circuit is inductive and parallel circuit is capacitive
  • D. series circuit is capacitive and parallel circuit is inductive

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Change in circuit voltage will affect

  • A. resonant frequency
  • B. Q
  • C. current
  • D. bandwidth

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