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Analog Electronics (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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In signal generators
  • A. energy is created
  • B. energy is generated
  • C. energy is converted from a simple DC source into AC energy at some specific frequency
  • D. all of the above

Active load is primarily used in the collector of the differential amplifier of an OPAMP
  • A. to increase the output resistance
  • B. to increase the differential gain A
  • C. to handle large signals
  • D. to provide symmetry

For tuned radio frequency we use
  • A. class A amplifier
  • B. class B amplifier
  • C. class AB amplifier
  • D. class C amplifier

The main drawback in the performance of shunt peaked wideband amplifier is
  • A. too low gain at low frequency
  • B. reduced gain at middle frequency
  • C. poor phase response
  • D. that the maximum gain of the stage is small

Darlington pair of frequently used in linear ICs because, they
  • A. do not require any capacitors or inductors
  • B. have enormous impedance transformation capability
  • C. can be readily formed/hooked from two adjacent transistors
  • D. resemble emitter follower

The darlington pair is mainly used for
  • A. impedance matching
  • B. wideband voltage amplification
  • C. power amplification
  • D. reducing distortion