☰ Basic Electronics Engineering (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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The efficiency of a LED for generating light is directly proportional to the

  • A. current injected
  • B. applied voltage
  • C. temperature
  • D. level of doping

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LED is a

  • A. p-n diode
  • B. thermistor
  • C. gate
  • D. transistor

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MOSFET can be used as a

  • A. current controlled capacitor
  • B. voltage controlled capacitor
  • C. current controlled inductor
  • D. voltage controlled inductor

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Which one of the following statements is NOT correct for a MOSFET?

  • A. are easy to parallel for higher current
  • B. leakage current is relatively high
  • C. have more linear characteristic
  • D. old load and peak current handling capability are high

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In a common collector amplifier the voltage gain is

  • A. constant
  • B. less than 1
  • C. varies with input voltage
  • D. varies with load impedance

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The output impedance of a BJT under common collector configuration is

  • A. low
  • B. high
  • C. medium
  • D. very high

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