☰ DC Basics and Networks (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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The hot resistance of the filament of a bulb is higher than the cold resistance because the temperature coefficient of the filament is

  • A. negative
  • B. infinte
  • C. zero
  • D. positive

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What happens to the resistance of a condy if its lenght is increased three times and diameter is halved

  • A. resistance remains the same
  • B. resistance is increased 3 times
  • C. resistance is increased 6 times
  • D. resistance is increased 12 times

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A 12 V automobile light is realted at 30 W. The total charge that flows its original value, its one minute is

  • A. 30 C
  • B. 12 C
  • C. 150 C
  • D. 180 C

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The condition for the validity of ohm's law is that the

  • A. temperature should remain constant
  • B. current should be proportional to voltage
  • C. resistance must be wire wound type
  • D. all of the above

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The flow of electric current ina conductor is due to flow of

  • A. electrons
  • B. protons
  • C. electrons and ions
  • D. charged particles

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An electric current is the

  • A. random movement of electrons in a conductor
  • B. movement of free electrons predominately in one direction
  • C. pressure difference between two poles
  • D. the power that causes drift of electrons

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