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A divide by 6 counter is obtained using

  • A. 6 bit ripple counter
  • B. 6 bit ring counter
  • C. 3 bit twisted ring counter
  • D. both c and d

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Specification of a synchronous sequential machine is given by its

  • A. initial state
  • B. final state
  • C. stable state
  • D. state table

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A sequence circuit does not use clock pulses. It is

  • A. an asynchronous sequential CRT
  • B. a synchronous equal CRT
  • C. a counter
  • D. a shift counter

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An synchronous sequential circuit is

  • A. a combinational circuit with feedback
  • B. a combinational circuit without feedback
  • C. one that uses a clock
  • D. none of the above

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Which of the following counter results in least delay?

  • A. ring counter
  • B. ripple counter
  • C. synchronous counter
  • D. asynchronous counter

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The number of flip flops required in a decade counter is

  • A. 2
  • B. 3
  • C. 4
  • D. 10

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