☰ Electrical Energy Utilisation and Electric Traction (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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Maintenance requirements are minimum in case of

  • A. electric locomotives
  • B. steam locomotive
  • C. diesel electric locomotives
  • D. diesel engines

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Unbalanced force are minimum in case of

  • A. diesel shutters
  • B. diesel locomotives
  • C. diesel electric locomotives
  • D. diesel engines

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The locomotive that has the highest operational availablity is

  • A. diesel electric
  • B. electric
  • C. steam
  • D. steam electric

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The most vital factor against electric traction is

  • A. it's high maintenance cost
  • B. possibility of power failure
  • C. high initial cost in laying out overhead electric supply system
  • D. necessity of providing a negative booster

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Aircraft body is

  • A. rivetted
  • B. seam welded
  • C. gas welded
  • D. spot welded

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The length of arc required depends on

  • A. kind of electrodes used, its coating and its diameter
  • B. magnitude of current used
  • C. position of welding
  • D. all of the above

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