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heat conduction in a semiconductor takes place

  • A. why the mobility of carriers
  • B. due to energy gap between conduction band and valency band
  • C. by the holes and thermal vibrations of atoms
  • D. by the electrons and thermal vibrations of atoms

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the principle of hall effect is made use of in the construction of which one of the following?

  • A. ammetre
  • B. voltmetre
  • C. gaussmetre
  • D. galvanometer

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for which one of the following materials, is the hall coefficient closest to zero?

  • A. metal
  • B. insulator
  • C. intrinsic semiconductor
  • D. alloy

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the hall effect voltage in intrinsic silicon

  • A. is positive
  • B. is negative
  • C. zero
  • D. changes its sign based on application of magnetic field

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the temperature coefficient of resistance of a doped semiconductor is

  • A. always positive
  • B. always negative
  • C. zero
  • D. positive or negative depending on the level of doping

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which of the following has the greatest mobility?

  • A. positive ion
  • B. negative ion
  • C. electron
  • D. hole

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