☰ Electrical Installation and Wiring (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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Galvanized steel wire is usually used as

  • A. stay wire
  • B. earth wire
  • C. structural components
  • D. all of the above

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Which support for overhead transmission line has the least life

  • A. wooden poles
  • B. fabricated steel structure
  • C. RCC poles
  • D. steel poles

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Aluminium conductor cables can be joined by

  • A. gas welding
  • B. soldering
  • C. compression
  • D. thermit welding

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The insulating material most commonly used for power cables is

  • A. PVC
  • B. paper
  • C. rubber
  • D. all of the above

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HV transmission line uses

  • A. pin type insulators
  • B. suspension insulators
  • C. both a and b
  • D. none of the above

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Failure of lamp to light mein video to

  • A. defective starter
  • B. defective choke
  • C. defective and loose holders
  • D. any of the above

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