☰ Electromagnetic Field Theory (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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A transmission line whose characteristics impedance is a pure resistance

  • A. must be lossless line
  • B. must be a distortion less lines
  • C. may not be lossless line
  • D. may not be a distortionless line

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Which of the following is a vector quantity?

  • A. standing wave ratio only
  • B. reflection coefficient only
  • C. gain
  • D. standing wave ratio of reflection coefficient

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What causes electromagnetic wave polarization?

  • A. refraction
  • B. reflection
  • C. longitudinal nature of electromagnetic wave
  • D. transverse nature of electromagnetic wave

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An open coil has

  • A. zero resistance and zero inductance
  • B. infinite resistance and infinite inductance
  • C. infinite resistance and zero inductance
  • D. zero resistance and infinite inductance

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lower the self inductance of a coil

  • A. more will be the weber turns
  • B. more will be the EMF induced
  • C. lesser the flux produced by it
  • D. smaller the delay in establishing steady current through it

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If in an iron code coil the iron core is removed so as to make the air cored coil, the inductance of the coil will be

  • A. more
  • B. less
  • C. the same
  • D. none of these

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