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The scale of an electrodynamometer usually reads the

  • A. average value of the AC
  • B. mean value of the AC
  • C. effective value of the AC
  • D. squared value of the AC

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The disadvantage of PMMC instrument is

  • A. high power consumption
  • B. high cost relative to moving iron instruments
  • C. low torque / weight ratio
  • D. absence of effective and efficient current damping

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Moving iron and PMMC instruments can be distinguished from each other by looking at

  • A. pointer
  • B. terminal size
  • C. scale
  • D. scale range

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The term artificial again instrument is associated with

  • A. springs
  • B. parameter magnets
  • C. controlling torques
  • D. damping

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In eddy current damping system, the disc employed should be of

  • A. conducting and magnetic material
  • B. conducting but non magnetic material
  • C. magnetic but non conducting material
  • D. non conducting and non magnetic material

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An advantage of PMMC instrument is that is

  • A. is free from friction error
  • B. has high torque to weight ratio of moving parts
  • C. has low torque to weight ratio
  • D. can be used on both AC and DC

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