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Electronic and Electrical Measurements and Instruments (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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The degree to which instrument indicates the changes in measured variable without dynamic error is
  • A. repeatability
  • B. hysteresis
  • C. precision
  • D. fidelity

The static error band of an instrument does not include
  • A. non linearity
  • B. electrical drift
  • C. hysteresis in the instrument
  • D. none of the above

The smallest change in a measured variable to which an instrument will respond is
  • A. accuracy
  • B. resolution
  • C. precious
  • D. sensitivity

Comparison methods are used
  • A. because these are most simple
  • B. because these are inexpensive
  • C. because this checklist time in measurement
  • D. when a high accuracy of measurement is required

Deflection methods of direct measurements are most widely used as these are
  • A. most simple
  • B. most accurate
  • C. least time consuming
  • D. most simple and least time consuming