☰ Induction Machines (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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if a squirrel cage induction motor run hot, the probable causes could be

  • A. uneven air gap
  • B. overload
  • C. low supply frequency
  • D. any of these

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the speed of a slip ring induction motor cannot be controlled by

  • A. rotor resistance control
  • B. pole changing method
  • C. concatenation or cascade operation
  • D. rotor slip power control

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the rotor resistance control of induction motor, the hardness of speed torque characteristics

  • A. increases
  • B. decreases
  • C. remains same
  • D. none of these

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the speed regulation of a three phase induction motor at full load is about

  • A. 4%
  • B. 8%
  • C. 15%
  • D. 25%

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decrease in supply voltage to a three phase induction motor will not cause

  • A. any difficulty in accelerating the load
  • B. increase in torque
  • C. decrease in speed as well as in core loss
  • D. increasing in stator as well as rotar current

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single phase preventer

  • A. suppresses negative sequence currents
  • B. compensates for voltage drops
  • C. provides protection in the event of non availability of one of the phases
  • D. none of the above

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