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Output of assembler in machine code is referred to as

  • A. object program
  • B. source program
  • C. macroinstruction
  • D. symbolic addressing

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The computer program which converts States written in high level language to object code is known as

  • A. assembler
  • B. compiler
  • C. disassembler
  • D. operating system

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Which signal of 8085 microprocessor is used to insert wait states ?

  • A. Ready
  • B. ALX
  • C. HOLD
  • D. INTR

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Ready pin of microprocessor is used

  • A. to indicate that microprocessor is ready to receive inputs
  • B. to indicate that microprocessor is ready to receive outputs
  • C. to introduce wait state
  • D. to provide direct memory access

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The first microprocessor to include virtual memory in the Intel microprocessor family is

  • A. 80286
  • B. 80386
  • C. 80486
  • D. Pentium

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The operations executive by two or more control units are referred as

  • A. micro operations
  • B. macro operations
  • C. multi operations
  • D. bi control operations

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