☰ Synchronous Machines (Electrical Engineering) - MCQs

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the output of a stepper motor is in the form of

  • A. linear movements
  • B. angular movements
  • C. either a and b
  • D. none of the above

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stepper motors are widely used because of

  • A. wide speed range
  • B. large rating
  • C. no need for field control
  • D. compatibility with digital systems

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stepper motors are mostly used for

  • A. high power requirements
  • B. control system applications
  • C. very high speed of operation
  • D. very low speed of operation

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the motor which can produce uniform torque from stand still to synchronous speeds is

  • A. universal motor
  • B. stepper motor
  • C. reluctance motor
  • D. hysteresis motor

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the following motor definitely has a permanent magnet rotor

  • A. DC commutator motor
  • B. brushless DC motor
  • C. stepper motor
  • D. reluctance motor

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which one among the following has the highest numerical value in a stepper motor?

  • A. detent torque
  • B. holding torque
  • C. dynamic torque
  • D. ripple torque

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