☰ Phrases and Idioms (English) - MCQs

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Meaning of the idiom/proverb ' a lady' s man' is

  • A. A woman - tailor
  • B. A timid husband
  • C. A lover of woman company
  • D. A man working as per a lady's direction

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Choose the correct determiner from the given option 'A word or law no longer in use ' is called

  • A. cynic
  • B. out- dated
  • C. reticent
  • D. obsolete

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'At sea' means :

  • A. In sea
  • B. Near sea
  • C. Out of favour
  • D. None

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'To get into hot water' means :

  • A. To take hot water bath
  • B. To avoid troubles
  • C. To get into trouble
  • D. None

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'At sixes and sevens' means :

  • A. In dis-order
  • B. In order
  • C. At six and seven O'clock
  • D. None

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'To throw cold water' means :

  • A. Throwing cold water
  • B. To encourage
  • C. To discourage
  • D. None

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