☰ Prepositions (English) - MCQs

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One word substitution for ' one who is honourably discharged from service' is

  • A. Emeritus
  • B. Hononary
  • C. Sinecure
  • D. Retired

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Venu has slelt ---------- coming from office.

  • A. from
  • B. afterwerds
  • C. since
  • D. after

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There is a parcel ---------- book for you .

  • A. from
  • B. of
  • C. in
  • D. on

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They have lived in this street--------- last year.

  • A. since
  • B. for
  • C. till
  • D. until

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The temperature varies ------------ 20 and 25 degress.

  • A. from
  • B. in
  • C. with
  • D. between

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She was tired----------- the work.

  • A. with
  • B. of
  • C. from
  • D. in

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