☰ Sentence Structure (English) - MCQs

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The crime has growth rapidly in Russia since the disintegration of the communist system.

  • A. Tapid crime has grown
  • B. crime has grown rapidly
  • C. crimes grow rapidly
  • D. No correction required

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Technology much use to feed the forces of change.

  • A. Much be used to feed
  • B. much have been using to feed
  • C. much use having fed
  • D. No correction required

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In addition to enhanced their reputations through strategic use of philanthropy, companies are sponsoing social initiatives to open new markets.

  • A. Of enhancing their reputations
  • B. to having enhance their reputation
  • C. to enhancing their reputation
  • D. No correction required

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If you are thinking about investigating

  • A. is it not making
  • B. doesn't it make
  • C. does it make
  • D. is it making

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My doctor know that l would eventually recover and do the kind of work l would be doing before.

  • A. Would have been doing
  • B. Would have done
  • C. Had been done
  • D. had been doing

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He admired the speed with which he completed the work and appreciating the appreciating the method adopted by him.

  • A. appreciate the method being adopted
  • B. appreciate the method adopted
  • C. appreciate the method of adoption
  • D. No correction required

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