☰ Vocabulary (English) - MCQs

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The sangam text' Talkappiyam is a work on

  • A. Grammar
  • B. Astronomy
  • C. Medicine
  • D. None of these

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Young one of 'Sheep'

  • A. Cub
  • B. Lamb
  • C. Calf
  • D. Foal

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Choose the correct gender of Fox ( feminine)

  • A. Ox
  • B. Vixen
  • C. Wasp
  • D. Boar

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The doctor came to ------------- his wounds

  • A. heel
  • B. heal
  • C. hail
  • D. howl

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------------------- the truth with your own eyes

  • A. sea
  • B. see
  • C. cee
  • D. say

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Don't kill animals for their--------------

  • A. fire
  • B. fir
  • C. fur
  • D. for

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