☰ Inventions and Discoveries (General Science) - MCQs

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'Samuel Cohen' invented which of the following

  • A. Neutron
  • B. Neutron
  • C. Chronometed
  • D. Gramphonne

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Atomic Bomb was invented by

  • A. Nicolas Cugnot
  • B. John Harrison
  • C. Alva.J.Fisher
  • D. J.Robert Oppenheimer

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David Bushnell invented which of the following

  • A. Submarine
  • B. Radar
  • C. Telescope
  • D. Refrigerator

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X-ray was invented by

  • A. Henry Bessemer
  • B. William k.Roentgen
  • C. Spangler
  • D. karl Elsener

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Which of the following is wrongy matched

  • A. Prrinting Press - john Gutenberg
  • B. Transistor -Michael Faraday
  • C. Radiocrabon dating - Libby
  • D. Relativity theory - Einstein

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Who invented the Polio Vaccine

  • A. Land Steiner
  • B. Sigmunt Freud
  • C. Jonas Salk
  • D. Edward Jenner

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