☰ Miscellaneous (General Science) - MCQs

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व्हेल किस श्रेणी का जीव है ?

  • A. स्तनधारी
  • B. किट
  • C. रेंगने वाला
  • D. पक्षी

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Green Petrol is

  • A. Unleaded petrol
  • B. gasohol
  • C. leaded petrol
  • D. low sulphur diesel

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Lead in petroleum is present in the form of tetraethyl and tetramethyl lead in automobile exhausts. It is released as

  • A. Dxides of leads
  • B. Nitrates of lead
  • C. Chlorides of lead
  • D. Pure lead

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Which kind of birds have long legs with wide spreading toes

  • A. Perching
  • B. Swimming birds
  • C. Scratching birds
  • D. Wading birds

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Which of the following birds can fly the highest

  • A. Owl
  • B. Vulture
  • C. Peacock
  • D. Parrot

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Which of the following plants grow from its seed

  • A. Potato
  • B. Maize
  • C. Onion
  • D. Ginger

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