☰ Scientific Instruments (General Science) - MCQs

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Which of the following instrument is used to change Alternating current into Direct current ?

  • A. Rectifier
  • B. Dynamo
  • C. Radar
  • D. Endoscope

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Which Instrument used to measure the rainfall of a given area ?

  • A. Radio Micrometer
  • B. Telemeter
  • C. Rain gauge
  • D. Tonometer

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Instrument used for measuring pressure, sensitivity to pressure, compressibility is

  • A. piezometer
  • B. Photometer
  • C. Altimeter
  • D. Aerometer

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Which of the following is wrongly matched ?

  • A. Galvanometer - Measures electric current
  • B. Hypsometer - Measures the pressure of gases
  • C. Hydrometer - Measures the relative density of liquids
  • D. Hydrophone - Measures sound under water

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To examine internal parts of the body which instrument is used

  • A. Microscope
  • B. Piezometer
  • C. Odometer
  • D. Endoscope

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Electroencephalograph (EEC) is used to measure

  • A. Magnetic flux
  • B. Records and interprets the electrical waves of the brain (brain waves) recorded on electroencephalogram
  • C. The Scattering of light
  • D. Determines salinity of Solutions

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