☰ Scientific Instruments (General Science) - MCQs

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Which of the following instrument is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy ?

  • A. Galvanometer
  • B. Voltmeter
  • C. Dynamo
  • D. Telemeter

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'Cryometet' is

  • A. A type of thermometer used to measure very low temperature
  • B. Used to measure very high temperature
  • C. Used to measure head radiation
  • D. Used to measure refractive indices

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Instrument for measuring and recording short duration of time is?

  • A. Thermostant
  • B. Chronograph
  • C. Tachometet
  • D. Polygraph

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Which of the following is wrongly matched

  • A. Audiometer - Measures intensity of sound
  • B. Binoculars - To view distant objects
  • C. Odometer - To measure electrical resistance in Ohms
  • D. Cardiograph - Instrument for making a graph of the heart's action

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Apparatus for increasing the strength of electrical impulses is

  • A. Ampilfier
  • B. Odometer
  • C. Electrometer
  • D. Salinometer

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The intensity of an earthquake is measured with a

  • A. Barometer
  • B. Hydrometer
  • C. Polygraph
  • D. Seismograph

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