☰ Scientific Instruments (General Science) - MCQs

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Audio meter is used to

  • A. Measure heat radiation
  • B. Measure electrical power
  • C. Measure intensity of sound
  • D. Measure Components of solar radiation

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Which instrument is used to measure the viscosity of liquids

  • A. Viscometer
  • B. Tonometer
  • C. Venturimeter
  • D. Colorimeter

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Which of the following instruments is used to measure pressure of gases ?

  • A. Barometer
  • B. Manometer
  • C. Ammeter
  • D. None of these

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Light Year is related to

  • A. Energy
  • B. Speed
  • C. Distance
  • D. Intensity

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What dose Angstrom measure ?

  • A. Quantity of liquid
  • B. Length of light waves
  • C. Length of cables
  • D. Speed of ships

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Which of the following is used for the measurement of pressure ?

  • A. Saccharimeter
  • B. Ammeter
  • C. Manometer
  • D. Lactometer

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