☰ Scientific Instruments (General Science) - MCQs

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Altimeter is used to measure

  • A. The atmospheric pressure
  • B. The approximate height above the ground
  • C. The strength of an electric current
  • D. The difference in hearing

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Velocity of wind is measured by

  • A. Speedometer
  • B. Tachometer
  • C. Anemometer
  • D. Audiometer

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Microphone is used to convert

  • A. Sound waves into electrical energy
  • B. Sound waves into light rays
  • C. Electrical energy into sound waves
  • D. Sound waves into magnetic currents

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Chronograph is used for

  • A. Studying the arteries
  • B. Studying the chest
  • C. Observing and often photographing the Sun's corona
  • D. Studying the blood in the human body

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Venturi tube is used for

  • A. Measuring intensity of earthquake
  • B. Measuring specific gravity
  • C. Measuring density
  • D. Measuring flow of a fluid CRA

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Which of the following is wrongly matched ?

  • A. Endoscope - to examine internal parts of the body
  • B. Hypsometer - to determine boiling point of liquids
  • C. Manometer - measures the pressure of gases
  • D. Salinometer - determines density of solutions

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