☰ Various Sciences (General Science) - MCQs

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Study of Nuclear cytology is

  • A. Neurology
  • B. Mycology
  • C. Rhinology
  • D. Karyology

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optics is the study of

  • A. Plants
  • B. Eye sight
  • C. Chemicals
  • D. Diseases of teeth

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Geology is the study of

  • A. Chemical composition of the earth's crust
  • B. Nature knowledge
  • C. Trees
  • D. Physics of the earth

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A branch of medicine dealing with the immune system of the bady is called as

  • A. Genetics
  • B. Immunology
  • C. Gynaecology
  • D. Geology

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The study of Skulls is called

  • A. Conchology
  • B. Ethology
  • C. Craniology
  • D. Hygiene

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Theology deals with

  • A. Religions
  • B. Animal life
  • C. plants
  • D. Bones

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