☰ Festivals and Fairs (Himachal Pradesh GK) - MCQs

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Nahauli Fair is celebrated in which district of H.P.?

  • A. Mandi
  • B. Bilaspur
  • C. Hamirpur
  • D. Kinnaur

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'Losar' is a festival of which religious community in H.P. ?

  • A. Hindu
  • B. Muslim
  • C. Jain
  • D. Buddhist

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The popular Holi festival is incomparably celebrated in which place?

  • A. Sujanpur
  • B. Mandi
  • C. Kullu
  • D. Shimla

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Lossar festival is celebrated in which district of H.P.?

  • A. Kinnaur
  • B. Lahaul-spiti
  • C. Mandi
  • D. Both (A) and (B)

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The ship sank into----------Indian Ocean.

  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
  • D. None of these

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'Mohana' is the favourable folk song of-

  • A. Kangra
  • B. Shimla
  • C. Mandi
  • D. Bilaspur

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