☰ Freedom Struggle & Social Reforms (Himachal Pradesh GK) - MCQs

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'पहाड़ी गाँधी ' के नाम से कौन प्रसिद्ध था ?

  • A. पं पदम देव
  • B. अब्दुल गफ्फार खान
  • C. बाबा कांशीराम
  • D. देवी राम केवला

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1999 में कारगिल ऑपरेशन के दौरान " परमवीर चक्र " प्राप्त करने वाला हिमाचली सैनिक है ?

  • A. नायक जदुनाथ सिह
  • B. रायफलमैंन संजय कुमार
  • C. हवलदार अब्दुल हमीद
  • D. लांसनायक करम सिंह

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'Pajhata Movement ' was assiated to which place?

  • A. Kangra
  • B. Nalagaeh
  • C. Sirmaur
  • D. Rampur

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Who led the struggle of low castes at Rampur Bushahar against the anti - social customs , untouchability and child marriages etc.

  • A. Padam Dev
  • B. Gauri Shankar
  • C. Y.S. Parmar
  • D. Chhaju Ram

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Name of person who was commissioned by J.L. Nehru on the proposal of Mahatma Gandhi for the enquiry of Dhami Firing Incident?

  • A. Thuni Chand Advocate
  • B. Sunni Chand Advocate
  • C. Krishan Chand Advocate
  • D. Duni Chand Advocate

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Himalayan Riyasti Praja Mandal was organised in which year ?

  • A. 1938
  • B. 1939
  • C. 1940
  • D. 1941

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