☰ Political (Himachal Pradesh GK) - MCQs

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In which year 'Provisional Government of the Himalayan Prant' was set up by HHSRC (A.D.)?

  • A. 1942
  • B. 1944
  • C. 1946
  • D. 1948

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Name the leader of 'Dhami Satyagrahis' ?

  • A. Bhag Mal Sautha
  • B. Padam Dev
  • C. Gulam Rasool
  • D. Prithi Chand

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Dhami Firing Tragedy took place in (A.D.):

  • A. 1939
  • B. 1942
  • C. 1947
  • D. 1949

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Who became the first president of Sirmaur Praja Mandal in 1937 ?

  • A. Devinder Singh
  • B. Y.S. Parmar
  • C. Choudhry Sherjung
  • D. Hari Chand

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Which of the following buildings is known as 'Himachal Bhawan' at present ?

  • A. Kennedy House
  • B. Barnes Court
  • C. Town Hall
  • D. Ellersile

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The Gandhi (M.K.) Murder trial in 1948 was conducted in :

  • A. Petterhoff
  • B. Kennedy House
  • C. Rookwood
  • D. Guard House

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