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The power house of the cell is:

  • A. Golgi bodies
  • B. Mitochondria
  • C. Ribosomes
  • D. Nucleus

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The receptors of pain is

  • A. Ruffini organs
  • B. Meckel's bodies
  • C. Golgi bodies
  • D. Free nerve endings

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Colour vision is by

  • A. Rod
  • B. Cones
  • C. Occipital cortex
  • D. Bipolar cells

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The longest vein in human body is

  • A. IVC
  • B. Cephalic
  • C. Basilica
  • D. Long saphenous

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Coronary sinus opens into

  • A. Inferior vena cava
  • B. Right atrium
  • C. Left atrium
  • D. Great cardiac veins

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The length of Adult Trachea is

  • A. 6 to 8 cm
  • B. 10 to 11cm
  • C. 14 to 15 cm
  • D. 16 to 20cm

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