☰ Blood Relationship (Logical Reasoning) - MCQs

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Q' s mother is the sister of P and daughter of M.S. is the daughter of P and sister of T. How is M related to T?

  • A. Grandmother
  • B. Father
  • C. Grandfather or Grandmother
  • D. None of these

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Introducing a woman a man said , "His father is the only son of my mother How is the woman related to that man ?

  • A. Mother
  • B. Daughter
  • C. Sister
  • D. Aunt

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B is sister of A, A is father of C, C is brother of D. How is D related to B ?

  • A. aunt
  • B. nephew
  • C. uncle
  • D. data inadequate

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If A-B means A is the mother of B, A x B means X is the father of B and A+B means A is the daughter of B. If X-Y x E + F then which of the following is not true ?

  • A. A is Y's daughter
  • B. Y's wife of F
  • C. X is mother-in-law of F
  • D. F is wife of Y

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Introducing Rani, Mani said "the sister of her mother's husband is my aunt." How is Mani related to Rani ?

  • A. sister
  • B. cousin
  • C. sister-in-law
  • D. mother

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Introducing sujata, Arun said "she is the wife of my mother's only son". How is Arun related to sujata ?

  • A. husband
  • B. nephew
  • C. uncle
  • D. father

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