☰ Ranking and Arrangement (Logical Reasoning) - MCQs

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In dictionary, which word comes fourth in arrangement ?

  • A. Propense
  • B. Prophet
  • C. Propine
  • D. Prong

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Which of the following letters is 14th to the right of 6th latter from the left in the English alphabet ?

  • A. R
  • B. P
  • C. W
  • D. T

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If Mosque is called Gurdwara, Gurdwara is called Temple, Temple is called Church, Church is called Fire temple than tell where do the christians do their worship?

  • A. Temple
  • B. Church
  • C. Fire- temple
  • D. Mosque

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Vinod is taller than Arvind, but not than Babban. Raju is taller than Suman who is shorter than Kamal. which is tallest ?

  • A. Babban
  • B. Vinod
  • C. Arvind
  • D. Suman

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If the second half of the english alphabet is written in reverse order, than which would be the seventh letter of the right of the 12th letter from the left end?

  • A. S
  • B. V
  • C. R
  • D. None of these

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