☰ Schedule Day/Time/Date (Logical Reasoning) - MCQs

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If the third day of month is Monday, than which day will be on 5th day after 21st of the month ?

  • A. Monday
  • B. Wednesday
  • C. Tuesday
  • D. None of these

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M, N, O, P and R when arranged in descending order of their weights then M is the 3rd from the top P and R occupies the position between P and M. O and P are not at the tops. Who among them occupies fourth position?

  • A. P
  • B. O
  • C. R
  • D. M

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Six perons are seated in a circle facing the center of the circle. S is between N and C/K is between M and B. M is immediate left to N. Who is immediate right to N?

  • A. K
  • B. S
  • C. M
  • D. B

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In a class of 66 students Arun ranks 8th from the top among the boys. If the ratio of boys and girls is 1:2 then what will be his position among boys from the bottom?

  • A. 10th
  • B. 18th
  • C. 17th
  • D. 15th

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Six person are sitting at a dining table. S is facing R who is to the left of A and right of P. A is to the left of D. Q is to the right of P. If D exchanges seat with A and P with then who is sitting to the left of A?

  • A. B
  • B. S
  • C. D
  • D. C

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A is taller than B, but shorter than C. D is shorter than E and E is not as tall as B. Who should be in the middle if they stand in a row according to heights?

  • A. A
  • B. B
  • C. C
  • D. D

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