☰ Anatomy and Physiology (Nursing) - MCQs

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Haematopoiesis in adults occur at-

  • A. Red bone marrow
  • B. Yellow bone morrow
  • C. Spleen
  • D. Liver

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The main muscle of inspiration is-

  • A. Diapharm
  • B. Rectus abdominus
  • C. Scalenus anterior
  • D. Internal intercostal

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Which of the following is a bleeding disorder-

  • A. Leukaemia
  • B. Anaemia
  • C. Haemophilia
  • D. Leucopenia

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Bartholin's gland is present in-

  • A. Vagina
  • B. Uterus
  • C. Overy
  • D. Cervix

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The pacemaker of the heart is-

  • A. Bundle of His
  • B. AV node
  • C. Purkinje fibers
  • D. SA node

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"Universal Donor" belongs to this blood group-

  • A. AB positive
  • B. O posiive
  • C. AB negitive
  • D. O positive

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