☰ Gynecology (Nursing) - MCQs

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Polycystic ovarian disease may occur secondary amenorrhea due to

  • A. Excessive production of oestrogen
  • B. Excessive production of fsh
  • C. Excessive production of androgens
  • D. All

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In following which is not a cause of secondary amenorrhea

  • A. Uterine synechiae
  • B. Polycystic ovarian disease
  • C. Imporforate hymen
  • D. Hysterectomy operation

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Absence of menstruation cycle for 6 month or more in the female who Has normal menstruation previously is termed as

  • A. Cryptomenorrhea
  • B. Dysmenorrhea
  • C. Primary amenorrhea
  • D. Secondary amenorrhea

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Which is the commonest cause of cryptomenorrhea

  • A. Vesicovaginal fistula
  • B. Imperforate hymen
  • C. Uterine prolapse
  • D. Cervical stenosis

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The condition in which there is periodic bleeding but the mensural bleeding does not come out from the reproductive tract is termed as

  • A. Dysmenorrhea
  • B. Cryptomenorrhea
  • C. Metrorrhagia
  • D. Profound bleeding

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During lactation which factor is responsible for amenorrhea

  • A. High level of fsh
  • B. Low level of fsh
  • C. High level of prolactin
  • D. Low level of prolactin

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