☰ Medical Surgical Nursing (Nursing) - MCQs

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If the incisional area of an abdominal surgery is weak, what is possible to happen when abdominal muscles contract and increases intraabdominal pressure?

  • A. Evisceratinn
  • B. Dehiscence
  • C. Laceration
  • D. Shearing

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Surgically creating an opening into an organ or space in the body by a sharp instrument is known as

  • A. Laceration
  • B. Abrasion
  • C. Puncture
  • D. Incision

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The inflammatory/exudative phase of wound healing will last for

  • A. 1year
  • B. 1-4 days
  • C. 21 days to a month
  • D. 5-20 days.

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First process in wound healing:

  • A. Collagen fibril will form
  • B. Granulation tissue will appear
  • C. First intentional healing will take place
  • D. Neutrophils line the wound edge

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Which of the following is a substance that decreases pain transmission and causes an inflammatory response?

  • A. substance P
  • B. Endorphin
  • C. Prostaglandin
  • D. Histamine

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The classical substances that increasing the sensitivity of pain receptors by enhancing the pain-provoking effect of bradykinin is

  • A. Nociceptor
  • B. Endorphins
  • C. Prostaglandins
  • D. Encephalin

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