☰ Mental Health Nursing (Nursing) - MCQs

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Psychoanalysis includes

  • A. Interpretation of dream and emotions
  • B. Free association
  • C. Exploring expressed thoughts
  • D. All of these

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In following which is not a part of nursing care after giving ECT

  • A. Assess vital signs
  • B. Allow the patient to sleep for 30-60 minutes
  • C. Do not give anything to drink or eat up to 6-8 hours after procedure
  • D. Help the patient to perform his daily activity

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Which position is provided to the patient after giving ECT

  • A. Supine
  • B. Prone
  • C. Side lying
  • D. Lithotomy

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Nursing care during giving ECT include except

  • A. Restrain the thighs
  • B. Flexion of the head
  • C. Observe the patient for grandmal seizures
  • D. None of these

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Before giving ECT, patient is encouraged to empty bladder because

  • A. It may cause renal failure
  • B. It will reduce effectivity of treatment
  • C. Patient may spoil the bed during procedure
  • D. It may cause urinary retention

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In following which is not a part of nursing care before giving ECT

  • A. Give plenty of fluid before giving ECT
  • B. Remove all make up
  • C. Loosen the tight clothes
  • D. Remove all metallic articles

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