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In following which is a gram negative motile bacilli

  • A. Shigella
  • B. Corynebacterium
  • C. Clostridium tetani
  • D. E.Coli

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How much time taken by bacteria to grow very well in fluid media

  • A. 30-40 minutes
  • B. 1-2 hour
  • C. 3-4 hours
  • D. 20-24 hours

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In following which stain is also known as acid fast stain

  • A. Albert stain
  • B. Ziehl Neelsen stain
  • C. Pasteur's stain
  • D. Lister stain

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In following which substance is used for decolorizing the slide during Gram's staininf

  • A. Gentian violet
  • B. Iodine
  • C. Acetone
  • D. Dilute carbol fuschin solution

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During Gram's staining process dilute carbol fuchsin is used for

  • A. Washing the Smear
  • B. Decolorizatiion
  • C. Counter staining
  • D. For drying

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First of all Gram Staining was described in

  • A. 1884
  • B. 1862
  • C. 1894
  • D. 1907

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