☰ Nursing Administratiion (Nursing) - MCQs

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If a patient asks you to pray with him, you should

  • A. Summan the hospital chaplain or minister of the patient faith
  • B. Ask him about his faith because you may not agree with his religious belief
  • C. Comply with his request, asking him if he has any special prayer he would like to say
  • D. Ignore his request, realizing that illness after causes a patient concern about spiritual welfare

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Nurse patient ratio in ICU

  • A. 1:1
  • B. 2:1
  • C. 3:1
  • D. 4:1

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A ward incharge starts establishing 'Best nurse' award on a monthly basis. She is appreciating the phenomenon of

  • A. Motivation
  • B. Persuation
  • C. Communication
  • D. Information

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A failure in professional duty, practice or skill that leads to injury or harm to the patient, is termed as

  • A. Malpractice
  • B. Negligence
  • C. Crime
  • D. Misunderstanding

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What is the best description of anecdotal records

  • A. Teacher's general obervations
  • B. Anything the teacher sees of hears
  • C. Factual descriptions
  • D. Interference made by teachers

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Which regulatory body is associated with registration of nurses in the state

  • A. Indian nursing council
  • B. State nursing council
  • C. Indian medical association
  • D. State medical council

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