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In following which is a audio teaching aid-

  • A. Models
  • B. Cartoons
  • C. Radio
  • D. Flash cards

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In following which sentence is false-

  • A. Audio-visual aids are essential for all instructional programmes
  • B. A.V. aids are not substitute of books and teachers
  • C. A.V. aids enable the the students to learn fast
  • D. A.V. promotes understanding

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Most commonly used teaching method is-

  • A. Discussion
  • B. Lecture method
  • C. Demonstration
  • D. Role-play

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The audio-visual aids require electricity for operation include except-

  • A. O.H.P
  • B. Television
  • C. Laptop
  • D. Specimen

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Principles of audio visual AIDS include except-

  • A. Audio-visual material should be available whenever they are needed
  • B. Audio-visual material should be located in a place where users have each accessibility
  • C. Audio-visual materials such as an educational film may be used as an entertainment
  • D. Audio hyphens visual education program should be flexible

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Non-projected teaching aids are also known as-

  • A. Graphic aids
  • B. Entertaining aids
  • C. Visual aids
  • D. Audio aids

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